I am a research scientist and currently a Data Scientist at Moderna Therapeutics. Before this, I was the Director of Data Science at Sense Ai, and previous to that, I was a postdoc in the Neurobiology Department of Harvard Medical School. My wife and I live with our daughters and one very cantankerous cat in the Boston area. I grew up on a wheat farm in western Kansas, and moved to the Boston area for graduate school. I adore the expanse of the skies & plains of the Midwest as well as beauty of the shores & forests of New England.

I am fascinated and driven by understanding how big ideas such as pattern and computation manifest in all aspects of our lives. The order and diversity of the natural world is a source of constant delight and inspiration for me.

I've been a computer nerd from the instant I first saw a Commodore 64. These days my language of choice is Python (which is what this site is written in). A good portion of this site is dedicated to sharing my experiences using computer programming in my work.

Outside of science, I enjoy contemporary art & music of all sorts. I am an enthusiastic cyclist (road, mountain and cyclocross) and ride for the Broadway Bicycle School Racing Team.