Hello internet! This post marks the "grand" relaunch of giessel.com. I've had this domain since roughly 1999, when I first started university. I had a ton of curiosity about web technologies at the time and used Perl to do some simple RSS parsing as well as scrap off webcomics and weather forecasts into one super rough 'homepage'. A couple years later, I wrote a blog (using blogger) and essentially self-scraped the posts off of my blogger rss feed. All very basic and, really, only for myself. This was all hosted on the Linux box I built in the first week of college.... Memories! Fast-forward a couple of years and I found myself updating the site less and less. I moved the site to a friend's server, and continued to use andrew@giessel.com for my primary email through the first couple of years of graduate school. Sometime in the middle of graduate school (2007ish?), my friend took his colo box down and I essentially lost my site, but retained the domain.

I'm extremely pleased to re-launch giessel.com. The site is now powered by Python and a custom-written Flask backend. As for the frontend, I've been lucky enough to work with Mike Stone for all the design, which is modern HTML & CSS and (I think) looks great. Definitely contact him if you're interested in some web work.

I'm envisioning this site as a forum to share my thoughts about my research interests, broadly construed. Since I stopped blogging regularly, the web has changed a lot and now there are many blogs about neuroscience and technology, but I feel like there are few that are focused on aspects of circuit neurobiology and neurophysiology. I hope to talk about that a little bit here, as well as my experiences analyzing electrophysiology and microscopy data. We'll see as it goes!